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Odysseas Liakos

Composer for the Moving Image

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The Story (so far...)

Odysseas Liakos, a 22-year-old London-based graduate, holds a Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Music (Film Music) from Leeds Conservatoire. Originating from Greece, his passion for orchestral music has been a lifelong pursuit, leading him to dedicate his life to composition.

From a young age, Odysseas was self-taught in music composition, cultivating his skills and passion. His journey took a significant turn at the age of 16 when he seized the opportunity to compose music for "Time Machine," one of Greece's largest historical documentary series. Demonstrating exceptional talent, he earned the 1st Award for Orchestration and Composition in Greece and Cyprus at the age of 18. This achievement was accompanied by his first radio interview on Radio 3, Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation.

At 18, Odysseas took a pivotal step by gaining admission to the Film Music BA program at Leeds Conservatoire. This marked the beginning of his independent life in Leeds, United Kingdom, where he honed his craft, acquiring an exceptional skill set through dedicated study.

During his academic journey, Odysseas collaborated with the label "The Hubsters," releasing the album "First Worlds," featuring his debut compositions. Additionally, he contributed to various animation scores for students at Dawson College in Montreal, Canada.

Following the completion of his degree in 2022, Odysseas sought mentorship from the renowned Hollywood orchestrator Nicholas Dodd. This mentorship led to his involvement in the United Arab Emirates National Day concert as a Music Copyist at Air Studios in London and Abu Dhabi, collaborating with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

Further expanding his professional experience, Odysseas engaged in music preparation with Jill Streater Music LTD, participating in recording sessions at prestigious studios such as Abbey Road Studios and Air Studios. Notably, he had a one-on-one session with the esteemed studio conductor and Emmy-winning composer Gavin Greenaway. Odysseas won a place at FAMES Institute's orchestral film scoring workshop led by Alastair King, where he got to gain invaluable experience and knowledge recording with an orchestra in a professional scoring studio.

Presently, Odysseas is employed by the BBC as a Music Librarian, contributing to the rich tapestry of his multifaceted musical career.

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There aren’t enough words to tell you how much working with Odysseas meant to me. My film was something where I knew I wanted the score/music to have just as much importance and impact as the story had. It was truly a team effort as I gave Odysseas and myself the added challenge of going back and forth while animating to the song he composed. He knew exactly what was needed to help my film come to life and I will definitely be working with him again someday!

Angela Chiarelli - Animator (@drawing.angie)


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